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Natural Materials Characterization

Welcome to Simple Voxel. We provide scientific image processing services on Geo-science, Engineering and Additive Manufacturing related images. We work with 2D and 3D datasets in most common data formats with data size ranging from <1 megabytes to >100GB. We provide services on various imaging modalities.

2D Image Processing

3D Image Processing

Machine Data

Image Pre-processing

Image often contain artefacts that can 

Multi-phase Image Segmentation and Morphological Analysis Services

Segmentation is often the first step to create quantitative data from a CT, SEM or Light microscopy. We use advanced segmentation algorithms to perform segmentation based on histogram or feature size or shape or combination of these to enable texture-based segmentation.

Cross section from microCT scan of Ti64 powder

3D Rendering

Cross section from 3D Grain Separation

3D Rendering of Segmented Grains

Image showing internal pores inside the gas atomized powder

Texture-based segmentation, enables segmentation on mixed materials with similar grayscale value, but with varied feature size.

Multi-modality Image Alignment and Correlation Services

Multiple imaging equipment such as CT, microCT, Light and Electron microscopy provide data range of complementary information about a sample. However, this data is often underutilized due to lack of data alignment. Aligning datasets across modality, resolution, change in dimensionality and sample preparation (cutting, polishing) is a very challenging problem. We provide alignment and correlation services on such datasets collected on a samples, using different imaging modality. Our image correlation services are also very helpful in processing time series data, where an experiment can be performed such as flooding, drainage, chemical/mechanical changes to the sample either in-situ or ex-situ.

Multi-resolution imaging and image alignment of X-ray CT (3D), microCT (3D) and SEM images (2D). Between various steps of imaging (1) CT to microCT and (2) microCT to SEM, the sample was unmounted, cored, cut, polished and coated as required by the scanning technique. Alignment of such a multi-scale datasets is challenging in destructive image process, especially when the extracted sample sub-volume is completely encased inside and reference datum features are not possible. The sample texture, consisting of randomly distributed fine features further increases difficulties of image registration.

Volume & Video Rendering Services

3D visualization and video rendering are often time consuming tasks that requires computational resources and trained personnel. We provide these services on your data to create high quality visuals and video for presentation of your data / experimental results in a meaningful way.

3D Visualization nano-particle stabilized foam inside a reservoir rock

Internal structure of wood showing growth rings

Rendering of trapped gas pores inside gas-atomized powders